Hi!  I'm Emily Martha Sorensen!

I'm a huge fantasy nerd, I like science fiction too, and I write clean books that are intelligent, optimistic, and happy.  I write for all age levels.  Picture books?  Got one.  Chapter books?  Got a series.  Middle grade?  Sure thing.  Young adult?  Most definitely.  New adult?  Of course!  We need more clean new adult books.

ALL of them, no matter what the age of the main character, are both intelligent and clean.  I believe that children deserve smart books, teenagers deserve fun books, and adults deserve clean books.  "Noblebright" is a good way to describe mine.  I want a person reading my books to become a better version of the great person they are already, and to have a terrific time in the process.

I'm a bit of an oddball.  I refuse to write what's popular: I write the stories I believe should exist.

My husband is Benjamin A. Sorensen.  He's a wonderful guy who writes standalone, nobledark epic fantasy.  You can find his books on Amazon here.  I think he's allergic to marketing; he doesn't have a mailing list or social media of any type.