Hi!  I'm Emily Martha Sorensen!

I'm a huge fan of science fiction and fantasy, and I write clean books that are intelligent, optimistic, and happy.

I write for all age levels.  Picture books?  Got one.  Chapter books?  Got a series.  Middle grade?  Sure thing.     
Young adult?  Most definitely.  New adult?  Working on a series right now.  ALL of them, no matter what the age     
of the main character, are both intelligent and clean.  I believe that children deserve smart books, teenagers deserve     
fun books, and adults deserve imagination, a sense of wonder, and books aimed at them that are G or PG.

I have two comics: A Magical Roommate, which is complete (it's actually G-rated new adult, and was always     
intended to be that way: I started it when I was eighteen and couldn't find clean stories about people my age), and     
To Prevent World Peace, which is currently ongoing (think a magical girl series from the point of view of the villains).

I'm a bit of an oddball.  I refuse to write what's popular: I write the stories I believe should exist.  If those happen to     
become popular, I would be delighted.  I won't change what I write just because the crowd's doing it.  I'm pretty
flexible about which forms my stories take, though.

My husband is Benjamin A. Sorensen, who writes fantasy.  His first book is Prophecy, and it's pretty awesome.     
He's a wordsmith, and he usually writes standalone epic fantasy.