I've got two new books this month!

Tabby, Tabby, Burning Bright is a picture book inspired by William Blake's "The Tyger."  I watercolor painted all the illustrations, as well as (of course) writing the parody of his excellent poem.

My daughter kept on asking for me to print pages from it for her to color, so I made a bunch of coloring pages.  You can right click to download any of them you want to print, or just print straight from your browser.

Next up is Fairy Eyeglasses, the first of the Fairy Senses series.  Each book is about a different character who gains the ability to sense fairies in some way.  This one is about a girl who finds a magic pair of glasses that let her see fairies.

On March 5-6, there's a huge multi-author promotion, and I'll be dropping the price of The Keeper and the Rulership down to 99 cents.  If you've been considering buying a copy and haven't yet, that might be a good opportunity.

Progress on various story projects:

Currently updating on Patreon:

The Fires of the Rulership


To Prevent World Peace Chapter Fifteen


To Prevent World Peace Tiffany short story

First draft:

Fairy Compass (Fairy Senses #2)


On a Long Camping Trip (picture book)

On hold until December:

A Magical Roommate: The Second Semester