Fairy Slippers and Fairy Lunchbox are now released!

(They're the sixth and the seventh books of the Fairy Senses series.)

It's a chapter book series about elementary school girls who can sense fairies in some way.  Each book is about a different girl and a different sense.  The books are super cute, and also hopefully educational.  (So much research goes into these!)

There's a new book coming out every month, on the 15th.  October 15th will be Fairy Icepack.  Fairy Eyeglasses, the first book, is free on Amazon and elsewhere.

Also, I just realized I never announced it, but Dragon's Egg is out, too!  It's a G-rated new adult fantasy book about a baby dragon and his human parents.  It's a short book -- 14,000 words -- and it's the first in a series.

The Fires of the Rulership is next on my plate!

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(updated September 17, 2016)

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The Fires of the Rulership


To Prevent World Peace Chapter Sixteen


To Prevent World Peace Tiffany short story


Fairy Icepack (Fairy Senses #8)


Dragon's Hope (Dragon Eggs #2)

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A Magical Roommate: The Second Semester